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Our history

The history of l’Héritage Chocolates goes back to 1942. At that time, the Gudrun Group first started as a supplier of chocolate to confectioners. Chocolate produced  in 1kg blocks – easy to store, easy to transport, easy to sell. It was as simple as that. Along the way things may have gotten more complex, but the real passion for 100% Belgian chocolates hasn’t changed.


With the takeover of the brand and commercial network in 2014 by Foodbrain International, l’Héritage Chocolates was born and has grown into a global belgian chocolate brand of moulded and enrobed chocolate, truffles, easter eggs, handmade traditional marshmallows and other chocolate products meeting the highest quality standards.

We combine the best of both worlds: the advantage of being able to act very flexible and customer-driven and on the other hand having the superior position of having access to a state of the art production facility with very high production capacities and possibilities. This gives Foodbrain also the ability to offer a full range of premium chocolates at very competitive prices.

Nowadays, l’Héritage Chocolates is a renowned chocolate brand including a complete range of exquisite chocolates, made from 100% Belgian Chocolate!

L’Héritage Chocolates is currently available through an extensive international network, offering a full range of  top quality 100% belgian chocolates to gourmet stores, over the counter concepts-stores, bakeries, department stores, retailers, chocolate boutiques, etc……(either direclty or via an agent/importer/distributor).

We are very flexible, customer oriented and extremely solutiondriven. Depending on the customer’s needs, smaller or bigger quantities, it’s our challenge to  find the right solution for each type of customer.

Last but not least: our items are available from stock and updated every season. Innovation is key! We also offer the possibility to create your own private label (There is also a possibility to order our products under our your own label)

Provide your designs or create your own design with our team of designers, we make the impossible possible. Please contact us to (look in detail to the possibilities.) to discuss your futur innovations!

We are always looking for the right distribution partner/importer/agent within our worldwide network.

100% Belgian, 100% pure

That Belgian heritage means a great deal to us, and is reflected in the ingredients we still use today. Our passion for belgian chocolates is translated into an exacting list of requirements that meets or exceeds industry standards together with Gudrun. Belgian chocolates made from 100% cocoa butter. No artificial colours or flavours, ever. No HVOs. And no GMOs either. That’s how we uphold the value of tradition – and help to ensure that the planet continues to provide us with top quality cacao. In an age when transparency and purity are dear to consumer hearts, it’s also our way of supporting the integrity of our brands.


The cadre of in-house chocolatiers is constantly experimenting with the latest (in) gourmet flavours, food trends and production techniques to offer an astonishing array of flaked and cocoa-dusted truffles, pralines, bolitas and other delicious chocolate products.

In our factory, we (employ) use the latest manufacturing technologies: tempering, enrobing, aeration, cold pressing, mould heating, spray systems, multiple extrusion – you name it! With an extensive international network of resources – from the state-of-the art, BRC-approved manufacturing facilities in Belgium to our geographically distributed partners in packaging, distribution, shipping and transport.

Whether you’re looking for seasonal items or year-round projects, l’Héritage Chocolates has all your chocolate needs covered.